Online Resources for Further Learning

The Toronto Holocaust Museum is proud to develop custom resources for educators and students, enhancing knowledge and understanding about the Holocaust. In unique and innovative ways, our online platforms are designed to encourage independent and collective learning through critical thinking and analysis. All programs and resources include interactive activities, multimedia and lesson plans.

  • Online Exhibition

    Childhood Interrupted

    Students engage through multimedia immersion in the story of a young German Jewish girl, Yael Spier Cohen, who experienced the Holocaust and later shared here story as a Holocaust survivor in Canada. Hear rich testimony from Yael and view primary source documents that inspire critical thinking.

    Childhood Interrupted
  • Online Resource

    The Learning Platform

    Designed to support educators learning and teaching about the Holocaust, deepen your knowledge about essential topics and access classroom-ready materials and sample lesson plans on The Learning Platform for Holocaust Education and Antisemitism. Learn about teaching approaches and explore new Canadian resources through modules exploring a key topic, teaching approach, or new resource. Whether you are an experienced Holocaust educator looking for new lesson ideas or a teacher new to Holocaust education, we have resources to support you.

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  • Online Resource

    Unlearn It

    Unlearn It is a resource hub for educators and parents to learn about, identify, and take action to address antisemitism. These tools can be used proactively when talking about anti-racism and online safety as well as reactively when an incident occurs in your community or schools.

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  • Database


    Hatepedia is an online database and resource centre developed by the Toronto Holocaust Museum’s Online Hate Research and Education Project, built with original research to provide educators, parents, lawmakers, and researchers with tools to identify and counter the proliferation of online hate.

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  • Hana & George Brady, prewar photo.
    Online Resource

    Brady Resource Kit

    Learn about the Holocaust and its aftermath through the story of one family’s experiences. George Brady, brother of Hana Brady (Hana’s Suitcase), takes us on a journey from his childhood in Czechoslovakia, to his postwar years in Canada through personal artifacts, testimony clips, pictures and documents.

    Discover the Brady family narrative
  • Microsite

    In Search of Better Days

    Our newest online resource, this specially curated digital exhibition showcases the journeys of seven Holocaust survivors coming to Canada after the Holocaust, highlighting themes such as Canadian identity and immigration. Through exploration and discovery, students connect these themes to modern day issues about the ideal of Canada as a multicultural nation and provide insights into how they can become active citizens of this civil society.

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  • Microsite

    In Their Own Words

    Our first-ever online educational resource offers an opportunity for learners to explore the experiences of Canadian Holocaust survivors through thematic testimony clips. The excerpts featured were derived from a Canada-wide project to digitize, preserve and make accessible the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. More than 1200 oral histories are preserved in the Canadian Collection in the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive.

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  • Online Exhibition

    The Unknowable

    There is so much left to discover about the Holocaust. Explore our online exhibition and resource that uncovers the lesser-known narratives through unique objects and artifacts. The oral history excerpts featured here are curated from over 1200 Holocaust survivor testimonies recorded in Canada. The experiences are diverse and represent just a fraction of Holocaust survivor personal testimonies.

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  • Online Resource

    Portraits in Courage

    Discover unique stories and the fates of four individuals during the Holocaust through primary source documents, archival images and oral testimony excerpts. This inquiry-based learning activity for middle and high school students provokes thought about complex circumstances that individuals encountered during one of history’s darkest periods.

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